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FAQ - Common Questions on Custom Design Swimming Pools

Here are some Common Questions regarding our above ground swimming pools, swimming pool construction and design projects in the Los Angeles County area.

Question:How many custom designed swimming pools have you built?
Answer:To date we have completed over 300 custom pools and spas with an array of complementing hardscapes and water features.
Question:Can I see and or speak to one of your current or past swimming pool projects?
Answer:Upon request, we can supply you with as many of our current and past Wavecrespools satistifed clients you wish to contact.
Question:What areas does Wavecrest Pools offer their services for swimming pool design and construction?
Answer:We serve all of Malibu, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks & West Lake Village. Essentially a good portion of Los Angeles county as well as surrounding areas of Southern California.
Question:How long will my swimming pool project take to design?
Answer:Projects take an average of 90 days from the beginning of excavation. When the final design is approved, a more accurate timetable will be published.
Question:Are there any hidden costs that can pop up during the project, or is the bid the bid?
Answer:Hidden costs are always a concern and we do our best to spell out every possible scenario that we cannot account for prior to beginning any project. The majority of these are the unknowns that may or may not await underground. Our "Terms and Conditions" agreement spells out what we've encountered in the past and we can discuss these one by one to provide the confidence you need to precede.
Question:Can you refer me to pool cleaning and maintenance companies?
Answer:When the project is finished, we include one month of service to ensure the pool is up and running properly. The service company we use for the month's service will provide you with a quote to continue service. You may elect to continue with them or choose your own service company to take over weekly service. We are more than happy to consult with any service company of your choosing to ensure they understand the systems we use in the construction of our pools and spas.
Question:How many repeat customers have you had?
Answer:Once a project is complete, repeat customers come in the form of a referral. The majority of our business is based on referrals and if we can supply you with a list of references, please let us know.

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